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Wendy's artwork is simply beautiful. I'm so happy with my picture and keep finding new surprises every time I look at it. I love it 


This beautiful piece of art looks amazing on my wall. The Bait Ball appears to come to life under differing light.

A very talented lady with a fantastic eye for detail and such amazing creativity.


It was wonderful to see your extensive array of glorious and unique, creative images today. Your photos do not foster the visual delight, colour and hidden depths to your unique imagery.  Your skill in working with a variety of mediums, whilst blending and balancing your ephemeral imagery is depicting of the Cornish sea and coastline.  

Your work if so free and expressive in such an expressively delicate manners and holds such a lightness, with a discovery of iridescence and mystery of a hidden but visual treasure.

Any wall that would be holding a statement of art, with your creative signature expressed throughout is dressed in beauty.  Your sensitive, creative ability, transcends so well what we all love about the seas' surface and hidden treasures of colour and mystery.  

Looking at your work with the play of light which responds with the delights revealed within and in discovering the many layers within it.  Your work allows one to escape within its alluring colour and flow, without any visual tension or colour conflict, because it is so soothing to contemplate.

Your skill and diligence in creation, shows in the quality of the work. I am so impressed with your artistry and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of seeing your work today.


I had to have this amazing piece of artwork as soon as I saw it. The colours are spectacular and the 'bait ball' is slightly raised, giving the appearance of movement in different lights.  Wendy is truly inspirational.  I am looking forward to purchasing more of these amazing pieces in the near future

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