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Wendy Horner is a Mixed Media Textile Artist, who is passionate about Textures and abstract contemporary art.  She lives and works in her home studio in Mevagissey on the south cornish coast.


Inspired by her surroundings, views of the coastline, nature and the sea, Wendy explores patterns, textures and colours.  Within her work she uses acrylic paints, art mediums, Inks, fabrics, Foils, threads, fibres, machine and sometimes hand stitching too.

Wendy is happy to experiment with materials , layering surfaces to achieve textures, these include; natural, specialist, synthetic and sometimes recycled textiles, textured mediums, metallic fabrics, fine mesh and sheet metals along with both hand and machine-made papers.

Wendy uses a variety of processes within her work these include; distressing, sculpting materials, printing, Mark making, embossing and sometimes fusing using a soldering iron, to ultimately transform them into stunning pieces of textured artwork. 

Many of her designs are completely unique and cannot be exactly reproduced because of the methods used.

Artwork can be fully appreciated hung in a light airy space, without direct sunlight,

to bring out the depth of the textures and colours used.

Wendy's Story 

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